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Schlagwerk DC 280 DynaCrasher

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There are many crashers on the market. Most of them feature several differently shaped and arranged metal sheets. They provide the drummer with hard, short, cutting crashing sounds. Our approach here is a little different. Namely, the aggressive sounds of these crashers are often in strong contrast to the musical context when percussion is used. No crasher on the market offers a rich snare / sizzle sound at low volumes - they sound more like an empty tin can kicked down a flight of stairs. Our experience with the BuzzBoards now led to the approach to make this exact sound system playable via sticks with a wider dynamic range. Thus, the DynaCrasher was developed with wooden panels with a snare carpet on a solid wood carrier.This design allows for quiet hand playing that instantly produces snare or sizzle sounds at low volumes. Still, there's penetrating crasher sounds when playing with sticks at high volumes, such as drum set groove arrangements.Two adjustment screws take care of the buzz/crash sustain setting.The durability of the playing surface is important, of course. But, even though it's wood, the playing surface material is densified to withstand forklifts and other heavy machinery. We have not been able to harm the surface with any tool in the drummer's arsenal. So we offer two versions for different applications.DC280 is the percussion version, which is fixed on a surface by Velcro (the number stands for the length in mm) DC280m is mountable via our woodblock mount, suitable for any standard percussion rod with 9-10mm diameter. A great addition to any percussion or drum setup.

  • Solid wood carrier
  • Double snare construction for rich sound even at low volumes
  • Dimensions: approx. 280 x 60 x 45 mm
  • Assertive, cutting crash sounds at high volume
  • Playable with hand, sticks, rods or brushes
  • Attachment with velcro fastener
  • Weight: approx. 300 g