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Shure PSM 300 P3TR (bez slušalica)

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Shure PSM 300, UHF InEar Wireless-System comprising P3T InEar transmitter and P3RA Metal InEar receiver, stereo transmitter with 24-bit Audio, Audio Reference Companding, extra wide stereo image, MixMode-Function, Infrared tranmitted informations from transmitter to the receiver, 9,5" houding, 2x jack in, 2x jack out, removeable BNC antenna, stereo pocket receiver with Personal Mix Control, works with 2x AA Batteries up to 5,5h or with optional SB900 rechargeable battery up to 7h, 38 - 15.000 Hz, 10 mW transmitted power, frequency range T11 863 - 865 Mhz, incl. rackkit

  • Features stereo and mono mode options and clear, 24-bit digital audio
  • Offers a AA-powered entry-level plastic bodypack or a AA-compatible advanced rechargeable metal bodypack that works with SB900
  • Provides up to 15 compatible frequencies per band
  • Delivers a 24 MHz tuning bandwidth (regionally dependent)