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SSL Fusion analogni stereo procesor

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  SSL Fusion analogni stereo procesor

 Svestrani stereo procesor koji pored velikog opsega parametara i količine obrade je brz i precizan u radu.Jednostavan      u rukovanju nudi velike mogućnosti kod obrade zvuka.


  • Includes 5 new circuits for signal processing and tone colouring in one device
  • Vintage Drive: Saturation for harmonic overtones and subtle compression
  • Violet EQ: Newly developed 2-band equalizer (shelving characteristic) with 4 selectable frequencies per band and +/- 9 dB stroke
  • High Frequency Compressor: Frequency-selective compressor to round off the high-frequency range and control unwanted transients
  • Stereo Image: Analogue M / S matrix for stereo broadening
  • Transformer: Switchable SSL transformer for subtle emphasis on bass and treble
  • Switchable insert
  • Input and output level controls
  • Switchable high-pass filter with 3 frequencies
  • Level meter
  • Bypass switch
  • 2 XLR inputs
  • 2 XLR outputs
  • Dimensions: 19" / 2 HE