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Superlux D108B vokalni mikrofon

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Superlux D108B vokalni mikrofon

The Superlux D108B a milestone in the world of professional vocal microphones, exhibiting exceptionally uniform on-axis and off-axis frequency response. The D108B is supercarioid directivity; it suppressed the sound come from the side, and reduces the coloration and acoustic feed back. The modular design of the capsule with its goldplated connectors permits easy separation of the grille and capsule from the body of the microphone, facilitating maintenance. It is the best choice for a professional live singer.
The Superlux D107 and D108 series have the same voicing, D107 series is a smaller version of the D108 series.


  • Flat and clear true sound
  • Frequency response is good for intelligent recognition and the midhigh frequency band is bright, the low frequency band is solid powerful
  • High gain before feedback
  • High SPL capacity
  • On/off switch with locking function
  • Module capsule design, capsule or grille can be turned counterclockwise for easy replacement
  • Gold-plated connectors


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