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Superlux PRO 238mkII mikrofon

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Superlux PRO 238mkII mikrofon

The Superlux PRO-238MKII is a large diaphragm condenser vocal microphone featuring a 1-inch gold plated, 3µm thin film diaphragm that produces a warm, even sound and has a frequency response that extends from 20 Hz-20,000 Hz.

The PRO238MKII has a hidden switch that engages a 100Hz / 12 dB per octave low cut filter when needed. With a SPLof 136 dB and a noise floor of only 16 dB SPL A-weighted it delivers a solid 120 dB of dynamic range. The microphone's modular design makes it a snap to remove and restore the capsule while also contributing to lower handling noise.

The Superlux PRO238MKII delivers studio-grade performance that is ideal for live performance. The PRO238MKII ships with a foam windshield, a microphone clip and a 5/8-inch to3/8-inch mounting adapter. A shock mount adapter and a phantom power supply are optionally available.