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System 54 Premier class ALT Saksofon

197.160,00 rsd
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System 54 Premier class je dizajniran da zadovolji očekivanja i početnika i iskusnih muzičara, kako zvukom tako i svirljivošću. Izabrani su najkvalitetniji materijali da bi obezbedili vrhunski instrument.

Premier Class Saxophones These horns are a beauty to the ear as well to the eye Available in various exciting finishes; it gives you the possibilty to choose a very personal horn. Handmade by craftsmen who do this for over 60 years. These horns are a beauty to the ear as well to the eye. These horns are not lightweight..., they are made out of thickwall brass in order to achieve that strong and fullbodied sound.

Made from top grade Japanese brass power forged keys with genuine mother of pearl enlarged 'Power Bell' for extra fatness in the sound dubble-arm construction on Low C and B special design '54 neck high quality Pisoni pads adjustments crews.

Available in 3 finishes: Pure Brass, Vintage Gold and Vintage Style.

All premier class saxophones are standard supplied with:
System’54 lightcase (hardcase with wheels for baritone)
BG strap
BG cleaning schwab (not for baritone)
BG pad dryer
BG mouthpiece cushion
BG care cloth
2 reeds
standard mouthpiece,
cap and ligature
2 year warranty