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Weltmeister Cassotta 414 klavirna harmonika sa 120 baseva

589.000,00 rsd
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Weltmeister Cassotta 414 je izuzetna klavirna harmonika sa 41 dirkom i 120 baseva. Leva i desna ruka su četvoroglasne.
Prodaje se u kompletu sa koferom i kaiševima.

The Cassotta is an instrument the way soloists and professionals want it to be. All over the world accordion players are getting inspired of this instrument. The powerful and mellow sound is qualitative unique and stands out against all other types clearly because of the special cassotto construction. It is a modern accordion which combines tradition and innovation. Inclusive hard case and shoulder straps. Colors and extras on request.

  • Keys Treble Side: 41
  • Buttons Bass Side: 120
  • Reed Ranks Treble Side: IV
  • Reed Ranks Bass Side: IV
  • Registers Treble Side: 11
  • Registers Bass Side: 5
  • Range Treble Side: f - a'''
  • Range Bass Side: E - d'' #
  • Weight: 11,0 kg / 24,3 lbs
  • Dimensions H x D: 482 x 192 mm
  • Key width: Standard - 20 mm
  • Inclusive: Case and Straps