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Yamaha SV 255 Silent violina sa koferom

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Yamaha silent violina SV 255 najmodernija i veoma kvalitetna silent violina. SV 255 violina za profesionalce sa imenom Yamaha. 

Yamaha Silent violina SV255 Dizajnirana kako bi zadovoljila potrebe profesionalnih izvođača različitih stilova sviranja, te 4 i 5 žičane violine će uspostaviti nove standarde za kvalitet zvuka i udobnost izvođača. Težina violine samo 500gr. Fenomenalan zvuk.

Ova violina je u paketu sa koferom, kablovima i slušalicama.


With its weight of only around 500 g it has the same weight like a traditional acoustic violin. The violinist can easily convert from his current acoustic to our new silent violin. The innovative dual pick up system allows the performer to a blend the tone quality from edgy electric to a rich acoustic sound. The external control box contains a powerful pre-amp, master volume control, treble and bass tone controls, as well as quater inch and XLR balanced outputs. Both models are crafted from seasoned flamed maple, spruce top and fit with ebony pegs, fingerboard.

Yamaha’s acclaimed body pickup faithfully captures the rich resonance of the instrument’s entire body, as well as vibrato and other performance nuances.
A second newly developed bridge pickup directly captures string vibration so that attack and bowing subtleties are accurately reproduced as well. A pickup blend control allows optimum balance between pickups.

The “Acoustic Hollow Body Design” so highly regarded in the SVC110 Silent Cello and SLB200 Silent Bass has been adapted and optimized for refined violin sound and playability in the SV250 and SV255. The result is a deep resonance that is remarkably close to acoustic violins in quality, as well as a familiar, intimate playing feel.
An exquisite shaded finish brings out the beauty of the natural wood grain.

At 500 and 540 grams, respectively, the 4-string SV250 and 5-string SV255 are about the same weight as many of their acoustic counterparts.
Furthermore, the tailpiece, neck, and tuning pegs on both models are exactly the same as those used on acoustic violins. Precision construction and meticulous attention to every detail mean total satisfaction for the most discerning player. Most standard
shoulder rests can be used.

  • New body design: hollow resonating chamber
  • Spruce top/flamed Maple back
  • Double pickups: bridge pickup, body pickup & ‘blend’
  • Control Box with input, output & XLR balance, phones
  • Volume, treble/bass, phones volume control
  • Shaded brown finish