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Yamaha YTR4435 SII C truba

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Yamaha YTR4335 SII C-truba koja sa dodatnim slajdom moze da bude i Bb truba. Silver ili Gold. Ovaj model se uglavnom koristi kao Inetrmidate model za srednjoškolce i pripremu za fakultet. 

The Yamaha YTR-4435II Bb/C Trumpet follows the same design as Yamaha’s popular YTR-4335 Bb trumpet which is highly recommended by trumpet teachers and trumpet players as an excellent step up instrument that can take a player to a grade 6+ standard. The Yamaha YTR-4435II is supplied with both Bb and C slides making it an extremely versatile instrument ideal for orchestral work requiring a C trumpet as well as a great solution to those players who are required to read and transpose from piano and vocal scores.

  • The new Yamaha YTR-4435II Bb/C trumpet features a lighter two piece gold brass bell which improves both the instruments sound and playability. The new heavier valve caps and valve buttons also result in an improved sound and greater projection.

    The Yamaha YTR-4435II Bb/C trumpet comes in an attractive light-weight backpack style case and is supplied with a Yamaha TR-11B4 trumpet mouthpiece.

    The Yamaha YTR-4435II Bb/C Trumpet Main features Includes:

    • Key: Bb/C
    • Two piece gold brass bell
    • New valve caps and buttons
    • Supplied with Bb and C slides
    • Yamaha TRC-4435 case
    • Key - C (with slides Bb)
    • Yamaha TR-11B4 mouthpiece