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Yamaha YTS-875 EX Tenor Saksofon

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Poboljšani YTS-875 EX tenor saksofon pruža bogat i rezonantni kvalitet zvuka i optimalnu ravnotežu kontrole tonova. Novi G3 vrat i redizajnirana rupa za ton veličine srednje klase, pomoći će da se poboljša ukupna intonacija i obezbedi optimalna ravnoteža sviranja.

Improved versions of that proven classic the Custom 875, the EX saxes are the result of decades of painstaking reserch and trials involving some of the world's greatest saxophonists.
They feature a smooth response and a deep, refined sound full of rich colors. They also feature a solid feel with quick and nimble action, a wide dynamic range, stunning projection, and an authoritative tone with a beautifully defined total core.

You will find that the depth and smoothness of their sound is simply incredible, and you will also find that these horns are very flexible, at home in any kind of music.
The size and shape of the key buttons have been changed for a better 'feel', while the new Custom necks enhance tonal resonance and give a quicker, more comfortable response. And the saxes feature a two-point bell brace for better efficiency, so you don't have to work as hard to sound great.

Level: Custom
Key of: Bb
Neck: New Custom E1 (handmade)
Neck Material: French Brass
Body Material: French Brass, One-Piece
Bell Material: French Brass
Key Material: Yellow Brass
Key Buttons: Mother of Pearl
Finish: Gold baked epoxy lacquer (YTS-875EX); Silver plated (YTS-875EXS); Black lacquer (YTS-875EXB)
Tone Holes: Drawn
Auxiliary Keys: Front F ; High F#
Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4CM
Mouthpiece Cap: Yellow Brass; Gold Lacquer or Silver Plated
Ligature: Yellow Brass; Gold Lacquer or Silver Plated
Spring Type: Blue Steel Needle
Pad Type: Waterproof leather and wool felt with plastic tone boosters
Bell Decoration: Hand Engraved
Thumb Hook: Adjustable Plastic
Pivot Screw: Bullet tip design with head
Mounting: Ribbed and flanged